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Days where Golf Lessons with Steve are available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday a.m
 Please phone 07 8495088 to make your Lesson appointment
The Band-Aid Cure - $30.00 - This option is designed for the individual that has had many Lessons with a sound knowledge of their golf swing, a 15-minute fix using video analysis to gain that peace of mind to make sure your on track or perhaps need a little tweak
The traditional 30 Minute Golf Lesson - $60.00 - 30 Minutes is generally enough time for most individuals to gain an understanding with where you are currently at and get that one thing to go away with to practice that's going to make you better going forward
This session consists of multiple swing captures of Video Analysis to gain the personal feedback of the before and after effect in order to help see improvement in your technique
Drills will be given as homework to help provide you with the necessary motor skill development in creating a golf practice regime and Pre Shot routine that is completely reletive to that certain area in your technique that requires attention
The 5 Lesson Package - (5 x 30 Minute Golf Lessons) - $260.00
This option is perfect for the individual that has never had any form of Professional Golf Tuition before or the person wanting a series of Lessons to help drastically improve their Golf Game in gaining a sound knowledge and understanding of what you are trying to achieve
The fine print: Lessons do not come with a money-back guarantee like anything in life you only get out what you put in, a balance of Practice and play is essential to help fast track improvement if you don't practice your game will not be rewarded.
A classic golf quote from the late Ben Hogan "the more I practice the luckier I get"