Rules Update
Rules of Golf changed on January 1st 2019
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Hamilton Golf Club – updated Local Rules
1. All gardens (including bark and tussock areas) are an integral part of the course
2. Free relief from water runnels in bunkers may be taken by dropping ball, in bunker within 1 club-length of nearest point of complete relief, but no nearer the hole
3. If a player’s ball strikes the black GUR pegs ( or supporting ropes), on the line of play to the pin, the stroke is cancelled and must be replayed, without penalty, in accordance with rule 14.6
4. If taking relief from red penalty area next to 4th green, player may drop in nearest drop zone, as an additional option, if not able to otherwise to take the usual 2 club-lengths drop without coming closer to the hole
5. Free relief may be taken, by dropping within 1 club-length of nearest point of complete relief, no nearer the hole, where:
a) Seams of cut turf (not the turf itself) touches the ball or interferes with intended swing (not stance)
b) “Spongy turf” (being defined as ground which changes shape when stood on, yet no casual water appears on the surface) interferes with swing or stance
6. Unless having first played a provisional ball, a player may, as an additional option, take a two stroke penalty and, for any ball lost or OB, take a drop and play the next stroke anywhere on a line taken from the point of OB or estimated loss, to a point no more than two club-lengths into own mown fairway, and no nearer the hole