Dear Members,
The Board has been thinking, planning and working on this project over the past few months. A Course Development Working Group, comprising of Hugh Kingham, Travis Gawler, Ian Marshall and Grant Saunders have been refining a project plan to redevelop the course. The Board has resolved to support the recommendations
that were outlined in their comprehensive project plan
You will be aware that a survey was undertaken with members about four years ago, with the objective to obtain feedback on areas that they felt were opportunities to develop the Club. The course was identified as being a
priority, in particular, the bunkers.
This membership feedback was noted by the previous and current Boards, but it is only now that we are in a position to focus on this aspect of the Club’s development. The introduction of a capital levy this year was part of our strategy to enable us to have the financial resources needed to undertake this major project.
Members will have noticed the hard work that has been put into developing the greens by Grant and his team, which took some time to get them into their current condition. There have also been some trees removed, mostly by necessity, due to their posing a danger of falling or dying. These have primarily been specific projects or tasks.
We want a well-planned, integrated and future focused approach to the redevelopment of the course, and now have a medium term project plan to deliver this.
Course Development Principles
The Board believe that a comprehensive project of this type, covering all of the course, not just the bunkers, needs to have some clear guiding principles/objectives that will help to define what we want the course redevelopment
to deliver. This will also enable you as members to understand what is being redeveloped and why.
These course redevelopment principles and objectives are as follows:
   ·To be a Golf Digest NZ top 50 rated course
   ·To improve the on course player experience
   ·To enhance the course playability for all levels
   ·To have a strategic course that blends well with the natural environment and unique features that already exist
   ·To improve the consistency of the overarching aesthetics of the course
We believe that these overarching objectives will position the course and the Club well for the future, and acknowledge that they are described at quite high level, but this is purposeful, as the redevelopment is a long
term strategy, targeting improvements that we want to last for quite some time.
Project Team
We are pleased to announce that Greg Turner (Greg Turner Golf Ltd) has been engaged as the Course Design Consultant to assist us with the redevelopment of the course. He has been involved in a number of course development projects across NZ (e.g. Arrowtown Golf Club, Millbrook Resort, Cromwell Golf Club, Harewood
Golf Club and Royal Wellington) as well as overseas. Greg also brings the benefit that he still plays tournaments on the European senior tour, so he understands courses from a player’s perspective.
The Club is also fortunate that Grant Saunders, our Course Superintendent, has also been involved in the delivery of course redevelopment projects in NZ and overseas (Castle Stewart Golf Links, Scotland). He has previously worked with Greg Turner on a number of redevelopment projects (some of which are listed above), and Greg outlined in his proposal that having an inhouse resource like Grant with his particular skills and experience, is a significant advantage to the Club. Greg has high trust and confidence in Grant’s ability to deliver his designs.
Greg will provide project oversight, along with the Course Development Working Group, and Grant and his team will be involved with all of the physical works.
Proposed Steps From Here
Greg Turner will be visiting the Club this Saturday, 25 May to meet with the Board, Course Development Working Group, and other key representatives of the Club (e.g. the Mens and Women’s Club Captains), with the purpose of informing us of his plans. He will also spend time with Grant to look more closely at the course.
It is our intention to hold a meeting with all Club members in June to present the Course Redevelopment Plan, so that members can understand what is being planned, and the associated timetable. We anticipate that physical work will commence in August of this year.
Please accept our apologies for the limited forewarning communication regarding the work undertaken on the 4th fairway, which is in preparation for the redevelopment work planned for August. This work had to completed before we were able to give you this fuller update, because of the very tight timeframe before works commence. Our objective going forward from here, is to ensure clear and regular communication with members on what will be happening around the course as we redevelop it. 
There will be inconveniences to members during the project, and like previous course redevelopments, such the putting green and on the greens in general, we hope that you will all appreciate that the outcomes from these disruptions have improved on course experiences. 
Thank you for your support and understanding.
Greg Tims